Some Info on RP!

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Some Info on RP!

Post by Sean on Wed Nov 05, 2008 4:48 pm

Intro: This is for new Players.. So ya Dont get banned all the time.

First things:
- Make a forum account!
- Read a few guides from the 'Rules"
- Keep in mind this is a ROLEPLAY server! If you feel you can't do it and just want some action, try some other servers! Roleplaying (RP) is
hard to do properly and lots of people get jailed for not doing it.

Step 1 - Basic Chat

To talk to people around you: hit 'T' or the console key (the tilde, left of the '1' key on your keyboard), type whatever you wish to say, then hit like this:
" Hey guys "

To say something Out of Character (OOC) ( 'i'm afk', 'this iz a nice game', 'Plz kill me' or whatever like that) you MUST use /b in front of your text like this:
" /b how do i get job?? "

NOTE: Talking about OOC stuff in normal speech (without /b) WILL get you jailed/banned sooner or later and will make you look like a noob.

To talk on the global OOC chat: Hit T again, then use /o like this:
' /o hey guys what's up? '
NOTE: OOC chat isn't always on, the admins usually turn it off when there are lots of players on to keep the spam down

Step 2 - Release your inner clown

When you first arrive you'll have the basic skin for new players, the crazy clown. To change it and pick something better hit F4 and then kill yourself in a very creative way (drowning, asking someone to kill you).

This will take you to the Skin Selection Page where you can choose a skin from the hundreds available. Just hit SHIFT when you picked one you like and you'll spawn back at the trainstation.

Step 3 - Hungry?!

You'll notice your health is at 50% when you spawn. To fix this you need to eat something. So head down to a gas station, or where you can find a Vending Machine (they're in the same places as in the singleplayer game).

Once you're in front of the machine hit 'F' (or enter) to get some food.

NOTE: My suggestion is the Ten Bottle Bar in Grove Street, everyone who's played the game can find Grove Street and the bar is the green flashy building on the first intersection, near the bridge. On its right side ther's a vending machine.

Step 4 - Taxi??

If you're a new player I suggest you take a taxi to go to all the places, it doesn't cost a lot and you can see where everything is this way.

To call a taxi just open the chat and type ' /service taxi '. If a taxi driver is online and he takes your call you'll get a message ' has accepted your call. Please wait at your current location'. Just wait where you are for the taxi to get there (it might take 2-3 minutes, be patient, don't spam the command 50 times because taxis don't come to people who spam it).
When the taxi arrives stand near the back doors and press 'G' (not F, not ENTER) and you'll climb in the back. Then just tell the driver where you want to go (open the chat then type 'To city hall please' for example). Wait till he says you've arrived and get out using 'F' or ENTER (not G.. don't ask me why). You don't need to pay him, it's done automatically.

Step 5 - Gief JOB!!

To get a job, call a taxi and go to City-Hall. Once there, climb the steps to the white arrow and hit ENTER or F. You'll be teleported inside the building.

Walk to the desk with the arrow and type /accept job When you found the one you want! NOTE: Some jobs are better for a start than others.. The easiest one for newbies is Carjacker in my opinion (you steal cars and drive them to San Fiero Docks and drop them off). In any case, feel free to ask around about jobs until I get my tutorial about jobs together.
Remember to use /b when asking OOC stuff like 'whats the best job for a new guy??' and stuff like that.

Step 6 - RP?!

This would be a great time to get some deeper knowledge of how to RP properly, or at least enough to keep you out of trouble. So read all
the RP guides in the 'Rules and Roleplay Help' forum (your in it...)

Step 7 - Cars, fuel and jacking.. (not jacking-off)

If you choose to use cars instead of walking around or using taxis, there are a few things to know:
- Fuel: All cars have fuel. If you run out of it, it stops and you're screwed. To refill a car with gas: drive to a gas-station, get close to a pump with your car, then type '/fill' (while still inside the car preferably)

- Gas Canister: If you're afraid to run out of gas, you can carry a gas-can with you and use it to fill your car up once if you run out of fuel. To do this: walk to a gas-station and type '/get gas'. Then when you run out of gas use '/fillcar' near your car and it will give it 20% fuel.

- Stealing cars: NEVER steal a car while the driver is still inside, like in single-player. This is called NINJA-JACKING and is jail-able, everyone hates it (if you hit the wrong key and accidentally pull someone out of their car just '/b Sorry dude, wrong key' or something like that). Same goes if there are people around. It's just like real life.. If you have to steal, don't do it while there are people around. Just stick to the crappy cars that are all over the city, they are usually ok to nick since they don't belong to anyone really (CLOVER and GLENDALE are usually safe to jack).

Step 8 - Where the heck is The bank ... ?

- USE THE MAP: Or Ask /report In one time Dont Spam the fuck out of it..

Step 9 - Pick up the phone!

To call someone you need to know their phone number. How do we do that? WE ASK!
Then type '/call 132123' for example. Then, if they answer, everything you type in the chat will go to the person you're talking to. (you'll see your speech like 'Jack_Jack(cellphone): Bla bla bla').

When you're done talking just /hangup and the call is over. If you feel shy you can also send an SMS. It's easier: '/sms 132123 BlaBlabla whatever' and the person will get it on their phone.

Also of interest: PUBLIC ADS (the green lines that sound like 'Selling toys! Contact, Jack_Jack ph:132123'). If you find an ad that interests you, remember the phone number at the end.
You can also place your own ad using '/ad Buying a nice car'
PS: your contact info will be added automaticaly ( so you'll get AD:Buying a nice car, contact Your_name, ph:213123' )

Step 10 - Guns'n'Drugs'n'Shizzle
If you feel like you need a gun, think twice. If you REALLY need one and still don't know where to get one: don't just go around asking people 'WHERE TO GET GUNZ?!?' or lame stuff like that. Just o a bar, like the one in Grove street and ask someone, but be very very discrete.

Another way is to hang out in front of city hall, the bank and generally in public places and wait for people to ask you if you want 'toys' or something.

Yet another way is to keep an eye on the public ads, some people advertise there. (see step 8 for info in ads)Same goes for drugs, but don't get into that stuff till you can RP properly

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