Sicilian Mafia Roleplay Teamspeak || New

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Sicilian Mafia Roleplay Teamspeak || New

Post by Stokes on Sat Nov 08, 2008 10:32 am

Hello if you are new to Sicilian Mafia and you would like a place to come talk on then connect to our Teamspeak Server we offer Your own Office, Channel Admin Right's in all Room's Free Registerion Your own Family or Force Room thats what we have to offer if you come on. We aint forcing you!

We would just like it if the people in the server would use it then we can all act it out for real cos my ex RolePlay Server we used Teamspeak for RPing and it was the Best!! Well if you deside to Connect to it the ip is TeamSpeak Ip:

The Teamspeak Server is Open 24/7 So Come Join Us!

Download Teamspeak here get the Client Side

Meany Thanks Sicilian Mafia RolePlay Team..

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