National Guard (NG) Application Form

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National Guard (NG) Application Form

Post by Jack_Sniff on Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:43 am

Welcome to the National Guard Application Form and Information about (NG)!!!!
If and When you become (NG), You will NOT Use Tanks,Hunters,Hydras unless it is a national emergency or you have permission from the General 1st or a higher rank than you!!!! You Will also have to help the local police department (SFPD) and (FBI) while our tour of duty has us here, Help (SFPD) in anyway possible from tracking down wanted felons to taking out the trash! Fill out the application below to the best of your knowledge!

Your Character Information (IC)

Date Of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY Format):

Character Gender:

Licenses and/or Passports:

Do you hold a valid San Andreas License:
Do you hold a valid San Andreas Pilot License:
Do you hold a valid San Andreas Weapon's Permit:
Do you hold a valid San Fierro Passport:
Do you hold a valid Bay-side Passport:

Your Real Information (OOC)

First Name (REAL first name):

Languages Spoken (Strongest - Weakest):


Date Of Birth(DD-MM-YYYY Format):

Location (Country and State/County):

Current Level (In game Level):

Why do YOU want to join the NG:

National Guard Experience:

How long have you been at roleplaying:

How long have you played SA-MP:

Do you have Ventrilo Or TeamSpeak and a Working Mic?:

Email/Contacts (Email, MSN, Xfire etc):

Comments/Questions (List any Questions/Comments):

I, [YOUR NAME HERE], make an oath that I will be lawful, I have filled out the application to the best of my knowledge, I understand that I must be active, and do my duties to the best of my ability if I am accepted into the National Guard I will also help out local police departments including FBI.
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