Jesse_James Admin Application

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Jesse_James Admin Application

Post by Jesse on Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:34 pm

OOC Information.
Where are you from?: U.S.A. Texas
What is your age?: 13
What is your Timezone? (How many hours +/- GMT): Central
Do you lead a Family/Team: No
Are you in a Family/Team: No
How Long have you been role playing?: About 8 months
How long have you played on Silian Mafia RolePlay?: About 1 hour
Are you active on the server?: Yes i will be soon
Have you ever been banned? If so for what reason: No
Have you ever been kicked? If so for what reason: No
Why do you want to be Admin: I want to help out the server from hackers, crashers, and buggers, and non-rpers
Why should I accept you?: I have been admin on many other servers for ex. World of San Andreas Roleplay it went down, Serious Rp is still up, and Hc Roleplay. I have been leet admin (1337,1338) on WOSARP and i was also the co-owner
Anyhing else you would like to tell us?: I will help out the server and be loyal and trustworthy

Metagame - Saying someones name, when they haven't told you
Non Roleplay. - Not acting like you were in real life, deathmatching
Revenge Kill (Rk) - Killing someone after they killed you with no-rp
Roleplay - Acting like your in real life but on a video game
Powergame. - Having to much power, such as you being a cop and using your mp5 on your bike, you wouldn't do that in real-life
Deathmatch. (Dm) - Killing people randomly and not rping

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Re: Jesse_James Admin Application

Post by Alex_West on Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:59 pm

It looks nice but we're CLOSED from admin applications becourse we just started yesterday. when we get more members we might have a better look at it Wink LOCKED


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