FBI Rules OOC.

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FBI Rules OOC.

Post by Sean on Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:55 pm

New Rules & Guidelines - applies for all members of the FBI no matter Rank or Admin status.

Stay in your Rank.
-DIC:May use any vehicle.
-ADIC:May use any vehicle.
-SAIC: may use all the cars without asking anyone. (Max 1 Bullet.)
-SA: May use any vehicle exept the helicopters, Bikes/sports cars.
-Agents: May use the SWAT Van And FBI Ranchers
-Trainee: May only use a car when Higher agent is inside.

If you're a Trainee, you will have to stay Off Duty, no guns, no bad behaviour etc
Trainings will be held in groups, with atleast 3 trainees participating.
You will not ask for rank up. It will be given to you; if you deserve it.
Don't bring your friends out to the HQ and start a tea-party.
If you do, you can kiss your job in the FBI goodbye.
Never shout, tell anyone that you belong in the FBI. (no matter if its IC or OOC, don't do this)
If you break 1 of these rules, you will be kicked out; if you're lucky you will be reinvited after 7 days. (Doesn't matter what rank you have, you will still get '/uninvited' if you break these rules).

I've warned you.

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