Application Format

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Application Format

Post by Rory on Sat Nov 01, 2008 4:22 am

Hello, this is the application Format.

Applications only.


Accepted = Your application was good enough, and you have made it into the News Team.
Pending = Your application is OK, will be edited over 2 days with "Denied" or "accepted"
Denied = Sorry, your application is not good enough, you may re-apply.


IG Section:

Date Of Birth (( DD/MM/YYYY )):
Phone Number:
Current job:
Place you live:
Why you want to be in news team:
Current businesses:

Real name:
Game Hours played:
Do you understand you will under go training:
Do you understand we are a serious Faction:
Do you understand asking for promotions may get you fired:
Any possesion of Illegal drugs or firearms, you are fired immediately:

I, YOUR NAME HERE, understand that the news team is a real serious faction, if I get fired I will take it, and not argue back. I have filled out and read all of the above, if I break any rules I will be fired.

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