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Server Rules

Post by J.Bull on Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:38 am

Role Playing:
This is a role play server, so you need to role play every situation you'r involved in, but you need to do it in the correct way (Here is a guide if you do not know how to do it yet:

Death Matching (Stands as "DM").
You cannot kill any players without a reason, you cannot kill a player if you know him in real life too. Everything must be roleplayed well.

Server language.
You can speak only English. To talk at your own language with your friend write Private Message to him (/w) [playerid/PartOfName] [Text].
You must not use cheats or you will get banned with no unban appeal. Hacking or cheating is not allowed.
You cannot drive-by as a driver, unless you are a cop. Drive-bying as a passenger is allowed, but his must be roleplayed well with a good roleplay reason.
Bunny hopping.
Bunny hopping is jumping everytime, because character moves faster when you do that. This is not allowed, because jumping around like a fool doesn't look realistic and doesn't fit to roleplay servers.
It is forcing other players to roleplay something that they don't want to do. To do it in correct way please read a roleplay guide.
Metagaming is using Out of Character (OOC) information In Character (IC). For example of metagaming (stands as "MG") read the roleplay guide.

Character killing

Character Kill (stands as CK too) is killing character forever. You can not login with a character who has been CKed. To continue playing at Siclian Roleplay server you need to create new character. To perform a Character kill you need to follow CK rules:

You need to be level 5 to perform a character kill. A Character that you want to kill has to be level 5 too.

CK must be performed in well role played situation. This must be planned really well too and both players must agree

Vehicle jacking:

you must jack cars in a rp way, you must use /me

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