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RolePlay Guide

Post by J.Bull on Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:39 am

You don't know how to Role-Play? This should help you.

1. IC and OOC

IC (In Character). Everything you do IC means that its your character speaking. So basically it's everything that your character would say and do.

Types of In Character (IC) communication are:

Talking without any '/' commands
(/s)hout - Used to shout ICly
/low - To talk Low
(/w)hisper - Used to whisper other character
/sms - Used to write a message to a cellphone
/call or /ucall - Used to call to other person

Few simple rules about IC:

Never use smiles
Spell your words properly

/me is used for all action you do. Ex.: /me smiles
* Your_ Name smiles

OOC (Out of Character). Everything you do in OOC means you in real life. Not your character. Don't abuse it and follow OOC rules.

Types of Out of Character (OOC) communication are:

/b - to talk at your local ooc channel
(/o)oc - to talk at global ooc channel
(/p)me - to write a personal message to other person

Few simple rules about OOC:

Never insult other players
Don't use OOC information IC

2. Powergaming

Powergaming is forcing other players to roleplay something that they don't want to do.

Example of powergaming: /me steals your wallet
Example how it should be done: /me puts a hand in Joe's jacket and searches for a wallet.

3. Metagaming

Metagaming is using OOC information IC. Example.: You're walking down the street and you see the name Joe_Johnson , you can't say "Hello, Joe" if you have never met this guy ICly.

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