SAM-ERS Application Form [OPEN]

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SAM-ERS Application Form [OPEN]

Post by Dan on Sat Nov 01, 2008 12:53 pm

If you want to join the San Andreas Medical Emergency Response Services, ask yourselves these questions:
How good do I roleplay?
Am I active on the server?
Am I able to respond to calls as fast as possible?
How much time can I play on this server?

Application Form:
IC Information

What is your full name?
Where do you live?
Current job:
Current faction:
Have you ever been arrested or convicted?
Do you own a driving license?
Do you own a flying license?

OOC Information

How old are you?
How much time can you play on the server?
What level are you in-game?
Do you have any alts? If so, name them.
Why do you want to join the SAM-ERS?
Do you know how to RP?
Have you read the rules?

How would you rate your ________ from 1-10?

Driving skill:
Roleplaying skill:
Helicopter flying skill (if you own a flying license):

(( Please make a new topic with the application form if you wish to apply ))

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