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Post by J.Bull on Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:11 pm

Make a New post named [Your_Name]

OOC Information.
Where are you from?:
What is your age?:
What is your Timezone? (How many hours +/- GMT):
Do you lead a Family/Team:
Are you in a Family/Team:
How Long have you been role playing?:
How long have you played on Silian Mafia RolePlay?:
Are you active on the server?:
Have you ever been banned? If so for what reason:
Have you ever been kicked? If so for what reason:
Why do you want to be Admin:
Why should I accept you?:
Anyhing else you would like to tell us?:

Metagame -
Non Roleplay. -
Revenge Kill (Rk) -
Roleplay -
Powergame. -
Deathmatch. (Dm) -

Number of posts : 53
Age : 26
Location : England, Northampton, Daventry
InGame Name : Joe_Smith
xFire : jbull92
Registration date : 2008-10-13

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