Patrick_Costigan [ FBI Leaer Application]

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Patrick_Costigan [ FBI Leaer Application]

Post by Sean on Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:14 am

IC Information.
Ingame Name: Patrick_Costigan
Origin: SF
Phone number: (( Not known yet))
Ingame Level: 1
Job experience: I worked for the Army Back in LS.
Describe your life style: Im a very good Learner and Leader, I ran a squad back in the LS Army.

OOC Information.
Where are you from?: Canada
What is your age?: 17
What is your Timezone? (How many hours +/- GMT): GMT 1
What do you think you can add to this faction?: I can add a Good and Loyal FBI Leader and Members.
Why do you want to Leader is Family/Team?: I think it's gonna be cool to run a Faction like this and Be in charge.
How Long have you been role playing?: 1 year
How long have you played on Silian Mafia RolePlay?: 1 hour i can Play ALOT More.
Are you active on the server?: Yes.
Have you ever been banned? If so for what reason: No
Have you ever been kicked? If so for what reason: No
Why should I accept you?: Because im a trustable guy and I love to RP With people!
Anyhing else you would like to tell us?: Nope..

Metagame - Using OOC knowledge IN IC
Non Roleplay. - Not Roleplaying.
Revenge Kill (Rk) - When killed you run back and DM them.
Roleplay - Role playing game / Act like reallife
Powergame. - Doing something not able to In RL.
Deathmatch. (Dm) - Deathmatching/ Killing without reason

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